Solid Hardwood, Bamboo, Engineered Wood, or Laminate BuildU installs them for you. With our vast suppliers of wood flooring we ensure that you will be able to find the wood flooring that you are looking for. Wood floors can bring a warmth into your home like no other flooring materials.

Engineered-  Engineered hardwood boards are manufactured from multiple layers – or plies – of solid wood assembled in a cross-ply construction. The top layer reveals the wood species and color visible when the boards are installed.

Laminate Flooring- Hard surface flooring utilizing a fiberboard core and Melamine wear layer that is available in blocks, planks, and squares and can be installed as individual units.

Solid Wood- Manufactured from a solid piece of wood.

Bamboo- is a not a wood at all, but a sustainable grass that is grown throughout the world. It only takes four to six years for it to mature before cutting and because of its expansive root system; it doesn’t have to be replanted.