Frameless shower enclosures use either 3/8" or 1/2" tempered glass and either brass plated or anodized aluminum hardware. Within the shower industry, "frameless" refers to any shower enclosure that doesn’t have metal adhered to the edge of the glass. Some people think frameless means no metal whatsoever. This is not the case. Frameless shower enclosures can be virtually metal-free, except for clips on any stationary panels, hinges, and handle. But frameless also covers shower enclosures that may have a header atop the shower enclosure and  u-channel on the stationary panels.

Dallas Bath and Glass provides Nano Glass Protection for our glass enclosures.

Protect your investment. Over time, hard water stains can destroy the beauty of glass, granite, tile, porcelain and many other materials in your home by leaching minerals from these surfaces resulting in permanent damage. The surface can be perfectly clean, but this damage results in a white hazy or frosted appearance. However, if that surface is treated with Nano Glass Protection upon installation (or soon after), this damage can be prevented. The secret is in Nano Glass Protection's technology that improves and protects treated surfaces with an ultra smooth barrier against: • Hard Water Mineral Deposits • Harsh Cleaners • Environmental Pollutants • Weathering Protects the Environment and Makes Your Home Low-Maintenance Because Nano Glass Protection's treated surfaces become "easy-to-clean" surfaces, homeowners no longer need to use those caustic chemical cleaners that are hazardous to work with and harmful to the environment.